Our Pledge

At the O’Fallon Veterinary Medical Center, we pride ourselves on being advocates and providers of your pets’ best health, through exceptional care, knowledge, and service. What exactly does this mean? We have a passion for delivering the best veterinary care possible, and through our experience in treating thousands of pets and discussing health care with their owners, we have come to focus our efforts through a few fundamental beliefs.

First, we will always offer you the very best recommendations to keep your pet healthy—it is our number one priority. We will only advise nutrition, medicine, surgery, and vaccinations that we believe will contribute to your pet living the healthiest, happiest, longest life possible.

Second, we will always work to be excellent communicators, from the receptionist who greets you to the doctor who may be explaining the cutting-edge diagnostics or surgery we offer. We have found that our clients want to understand the whys and whats about their pets’ care, and we want to take the time to help you. It is imperative that you have confidence in and trust your veterinarian. We are determined to earn and build that trust, and clear communication is a big step towards that goal.

Finally, we believe that service is our job, and we strive to provide the best. Whether it’s employing the most competent and friendly staff, expanding our knowledge through continuing education courses, using the latest technological equipment to diagnose and treat, or simply making an extra phone call to check in on your pet, service is first in our minds.

This is our commitment and the way we practice medicine, because it allows us to provide the best health care for your pet–your companion–your family member. We’re sure you will like what you experience at OVMC.